Term 1 Reflection

The best part about term 1 is the things that i have learnt class . Exposing me to problems such as problems in Singapore with the foreigners have taught me to be more open-minded and how i can be a better citizen in the future.

The hardest part about term 1 is that we need to do weekly reflections as part of class contribution . If we forget to do it , it would just pile up.

From the things that i have learnt from term 1 , i can be more cautious about the things i say that would hurt others and that i should be more open to new ideas so that i can learn from others too . I think that the lessons have helped me become a better person and develop a more positive attitude.


#Weekly Reflection 6

Qns :What if Singapore doesn’t have any foreign domestic workers or foreign construction workers? What will happen?

Ans : As foreign domestic workers and especially foreign construction workers have contributed majorly to Singapore’s growth , without them , we won’t have so many buildings and HDB flats . Singaporeans dislike working in harsh condition such as under the hot sun , which construction workers have to face , foreign workers have to take up such jobs . Without them , very few people who take up the job , thus affecting the economy . Foreign domestic workers helps carry the burden of some families . As some families have both the male and the female as the breadwinner , they thus hire domestic workers to help take care of their child and their house . Without them , more families will face difficulties . In conclusion , we would face problems such as workers shortage and economy difficulties if Singapore doesn’t have any foreign domestic workers or construction workers.

#Weekly Reflection 5

Qns : What is a “good country” to me? Do I consider Singapore a good country?

Ans : To me , a good country is one that is safe to live in , and where i can grow up happily . A good country to me , would not be facing any economy difficulties and that the government is taking good care of its citizens , fulfilling to the needs of the citizen . I think that a good country is one where the community is friendly and outgoing , where i can be different from every other people and still be accepted as part of society . So , do i consider Singapore a good country ? Yes . Despite not being the ‘perfect’ country , i still can say that Singapore is a good country . I feel safe in Singapore . I can live daily knowing that i still have future ahead of me . My parents have jobs and are working hard to support the family and for that i am grateful . Singapore is a green country . It is well developed and clean . Although i think that there can be improve , overall , i think that Singapore is a good country .

#Weekly Reflection 4

Qns: What are Singaporeans’ concerns? What are our migrants’ concerns? Can there be a happy marriage between these concerns?

Ans : I think that Singaporeans are concerned about the population of foreign workers . As more foreign workers comes to Singapore to work and stay , problems such as overcrowding in the cities and the increase of cost of Singapore’s HDB flats arises . Therefore , Singaporeans are concerned about the amount of foreign workers entering Singapore . On the other hand , migrants are concerned to whether they will be accepted in Singapore as their cultural beliefs and practices may not be the same as us . Migrants who just arrived in Singapore may face problem such as finding a place to live and such . The high living cost in Singapore may also be a problem to migrants . Yet , i think there can be a happy marriage between these concerns . Singaporeans can be more open minded and forgiving to the actions of some of the migrants . As the migrants are not yet familiar to our society , they may do things that may anger some Singaporeans such as burning of incense . Therefore , i think that Singaporeans can be more forgiving towards them.

#Weekly Reflection 2

Q ) Some of us like complaining about our parents. But would we prefer it if we were left to our own devices? Why or why not?

A) The reason why we complain about our parents is because we do not like what some of our parents do us . As teenagers , we can get rebellious and do things that are unfitting of what we should act . For example , we tend to go out with friends and come home late , worrying our parents. In that case , we need the guidance of our parents to ensure that we stay on the right path and do the right things . This results in parents setting up a curfew for us and naturally we would start complaining . In midst of argument with our parents , we would often say things such as  ‘ leave me alone , i do not need you to care about me’ .

But would we really prefer it if we were left to our own devices ? I think the answer would be no . Despite complaining about parents , we would still want them to care for us . We would still need their guidance to becoming a better person in the future . Although not every thing they say is true or right , we should understand that the reason why they said something in the first place is because they care for us . Our parents can provide us needs such as food and shelter since we are still young and incapable of working . Our parents plays a role of support in our lives . When we face difficulties , we can rely on our parents for help , or simply share our problems with them .

To conclude , i think that even though we do have complain about our parents , we would still need our parents for support and guidance .

#Weekly Reflection 1

Q ) What adjustments can I make in my daily life to be a better local, regional or global citizen?

A ) I think one adjustment that i can make is the change of my attitude . I can be more friendly towards people around me to start off , so that whenever i meet new people in life ,  i can have a positive attitude to get to know them . For example , i should refrain myself from saying negative and harsh words to other.

Secondly , i think that i can help people who are in need. Acts such as donation and volunteering can make a huge impact on the society . Even if we donate pocket changes , the amount can be huge when pooled together. Giving and helping other can makes us happy too . It gives us a sense of satisfaction when we do a good deed.

Lastly , i think that i can be more open-minded to ideas , people and try out new things . This way , i don’t only learn from others , i can also avoid unnecessary conflict . This ensures a conflict-free environment around me .

#Weekly Reflection 3 (HBL)

What I Know About Money Management What I Want to Know About Money Management What I’ve Learned About Money Management
 Having bank account savings is important in cases of emergency. Investing money  Many young teens do not save up their money or do not have a habit of saving money .
Spending money on things you like , your needs and things you want.  The amount of money we spent can be controlled just by buying things that you need rather than you want.
 Having to go on a budget if we overspent for the day or for the week.  Be a saver , not a spender . We can have a more relaxed future if we have savings , which can lift off burdens in our life in case we need money.

My favorite article is the one on the teenage’s view on money and poly students.