Red Dot Museum ( Wei Yang )

It was a unique experience visiting the Red Dot Museum. The museum showcased many items that are part of our daily lives. Those items are more convenient to use, some more flashy and attracts attention of others.

There are 3 concepts that i found interesting, first being the Click Series. It features 3 type of peeler, each with its own purpose. It follows that up by a’portable’ handle, which can be taken out to fit different peelers’ head. i found this interesting because i have had this thought that something like that would be invented when i was younger, and to actually see it really made me interested in this concept of portable things. This concept make people’s lives more convenient, and in this case make cooking easier. People who cook everyday at home or what to learn cooking will benefit from this invention. The invention saves space in kitchen and if a box/holder is also provided, it makes changing of these peeler easier.


The second concept i found interesting was a portable stove stand. It looked like a tripod that has a hole in the middle for gas to be released for burning. The reason why i like this design concept is because it is so simple yet has the potential to greatly impact the people who like to go out for outings.The product was probably  created for families and people who like to go outing together. Hikers and mountain trackers can also consider bringing this along. The element that was used can withstand temperature up to 1500 degree and the legs of the stand is anti-slip, and just need to be ”stabbed” into the ground be it snow or soil. Thus, the design would fit people who like to go outing often.stand

The last concept i found interesting was a hanging lamp that could be ‘closed’ by pulling on a string and it resembles a ball. Only little light produced by the bulb would escape the ‘ball’. The reason why i found this interesting was because the light can actually be adjusted from dim to bright by pulling on the strings. It was also extremely appealing to the eyes as it looked like the lamp could transform. I think that this lamp was designed to serve as a decoration and to light up room. People who have many relatives that come to their house would consider buying this lamp. Restaurants and hotels may also consider buying this kind of design. If it manages to ‘Wow’ people , i think that this design has met the need for decoration.





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