$5 Challenge

Poverty , the state of one who lacks necessary amount of material possession and money   , can be seen all around the world . Well-developed countries such as Singapore do have their  share of people who cannot afford the high-cost living of developed countries . Poverty usually occurs when one lack of proper education or overpopulation in a country , not necessary because one is not hardworking . No one would choose to be poor .images (1).jpg


From the year 1998 to 2010 , the top 20% of households who earn the most amount of money in Singapore sees an increase of 27% in wages, while the bottom 20% saw a decrease of 8% in wages . This means that with the increase of price in food and material , the poorer households becomes poorer while the rich becomes richer . In the last 3 years , the overall cost of goods and services had increase by 13.1% . ( Source : http://sgagainstpoverty.org/facts/ )

Therefore , i had wanted to take up the $5 challenge to see how it is like to go through a day with just $5 and to put myself in the shoes of others who are not as fortunate as i am . While i am just doing it for one day , i can already see that it is quite a challenge . Not to mention that there are people who is struggling to meet ends meet everyday .

I started off the $5 challenge at a Saturday . As i had wanted to attend a Fiesta(festival) in my Secondary School which is held on a Saturday , this was almost the perfect chance to do the $5 challenge . I had to wake up early in the morning at 630 am to get ready . My breakfast consist of a single egg prata at a nearby coffee shop . However , before that , i had made and drank some instant coffee at home. Therefore , the cost of my breakfast was $1.40 + $0.30(coffee). While i was not that full , i was neither hungry .


After the fiesta , i went home to cook myself some egg and bread with cheese and flush them down with plain water . After just eating that , i have to drink more water as i was still feeling hungry . Since i have used the breads and eggs at my home , i could not calculate the exact cost of the meal but the estimate was just $1 , seriously  . This lunch made me realize that cooking at home is much much cheaper than eating out . An egg cost just 20 cents .  And it is easy to say that anyone can learn and cook bread and egg . After that i just went back to doing my homework .


Dinner was the meal that i was looking forward to . I had wanted to end the day with a nice and delicious meal . Imagine going to sleep not feeling hungry . To end my day on a high note , i cooked myself some Instant udon noodles which cost $1 . Udon is a better choice than instant noodles . Despite being an INSTANT UDON , it is healthier than instant noodles . I have used the left over soup from yesterday to cook my Udon .0a73a07e-2a87-4a17-afb6-9055dea31746 LEFT OVER SOUP + UDON    c7529b87-309b-4d14-889d-9102c1e2c1ce.jpg

As i Do not know the exact rules to follow ,  i suppose i can use my left over soup , however i will still estimate the cost of the soup , which is like $1.50 .( its some carrots and vegetables and 2 meat ball . one i added while i was cooking . ). Add one more egg and the bowl is noodles cost $ 2.70 .6ee19c5e-9ae8-42d0-8bf0-1b9f7ba09e29


So , i actually did not meet the criteria of just spending $5 . I ended up spending $ 5.40 ( $1.70 ( breakfast ) , $ 1 ( lunch ) and $ 2.70 ( dinner ) . The reason for overspending is because i have chose udon over instant noodles -,- . I think that we should not just eat plain instant noodles everyday as it would not be healthy for us , although it okay to eat instant noodles on some days .

The $5 challenge have beaten me  . However , it was a splendid experience . I had to deal a little bit with hunger during the afternoon hours . I had to think of a plan to spend my money . Despite not being able to beat the challenge , i have also learnt that you can eat healthy with just little money . Although i can just eat instant noodles on every meal and would spent $4 or less , i think that we should figure out ways to maximize our use of money to get the best possible results ( healthy ) . From this challenge , i have also learnt that there are people who are in a situation where they have to deal with poverty . And i think that everyone that are more fortunate can lend a helping hand to the people in need .

In conclusion , i find the challenge fun to take part in and have learnt things such as Singapore’s problem of poverty , and i can help the people who are in need of help , being the more fortunate one .






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