Game Time


Just 2 days ago ( 12/7/16 ) , i was on the first floor of the library playing a board game called Risk with 4 of my friends.When i think of strategy , terms like chess and card game comes to my mind . At home , i only have my computer and phone to work with to overcome boredom. Therefore , my experience with board games is close to zero , but i do know how to play Chinese chess , just a little bit .

To be honest , i was not expecting myself to blog about this topic as i usually just go home straight after school . But while i was waiting on my friend to go to the Bukit Timah Heritage trail together , me and my four other friends decided to play Risk .

The first Risk board game originally came out in 1959.Risk is a turn-based game(each player have to take turns) . The object of the game is to occupy every territory on the board and in doing so, eliminate the other players.Players control armies with which they attempt to capture territories from other players, with results determined by dice rolls. ( .Risk_game_map_fixed


While there is a standard way to play it , we chose an alternative way to play it which was much faster .Each person , which in this case is 5 , were given a almost equal amount of territories spread across the map . Just by starting the game , u are already surrounded by enemies . There will be a deck of card . Only one card can be drawn if you have conquered a territory in your turn , or not u are not allowed to draw one card . At the start of your turn , u are given 3 army to place on any territory that you control . Then u can either attack someone directly near you , or play defensively and pass a turn . When you attack , depending on how many army u use to attack someone , u gain a higher chance to take over his territory as you have to row dices to determine who wins . There is a cease fire card in the deck , so who ever draws it will end the game . The player with the highest number of territories win .

For more info go to this link : .


The game was awesome . Many times i just catch myself smiling and laughing at the outcome of a battle. The battles has unpredictable results . The dices will either go in your favor or utterly destroy you . Your plan will shatter to piece in front of you or it will go in your favor beyond what you expect, all just by rolling the dice . For example , your opponent rolls a dice that calls 2 , and you thought you had him , until you rolled a one . However , moves like attacking or defending generally affects the overall outcome of the game . Breaking the rules and making alliance with one person really helps brings the mood up as you can discuss with your partners the next move you both would like to make . But , a betraying or an official word to your partner ends the alliance . Having an alliance is not necessarily a good thing . Ur partner may be a burden ( just like me lol ) rather than an asset to helping your team win .

But to me , it is not about winning that matters . The memories and bonding i made with my friends is what matters to me . And i think that though games , we can build an even deeper bond within the people in our society . Every one can play their part in making our society a more happy bunch of people. Through this game , i have learnt that bonding with people and friends is a good thing , besides just going home and play computer games . In conclusion , i think that you should also try out Risk . It will definitely not disappoint you.


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