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While i was scrolling though articles from , i came across many interesting stories and incidents . However , only one caught my attention. The article was regarding Drought in Cambodia ( ).

”According to the government, 2.5 million Cambodians in 100 districts have been affected by the drought, and water shortages have been declared in 18 of the country’s 25 provinces.” as seen from the article.

The reason why i chose this article was because i realized how fortunate and blessed i am , just to have water to drink . Not to mention it’s clean. After scrolling though the article , i felt guilty . Just the other day i was spending extra time showering , wasting water that could have helped so many people and animals . Just because i don’t see it , doesn’t mean it’s not happening out there.

This year , drought in Cambodia is considered one of the worst in decades .Schools face water shortages and government says entire nation is affected as rainy season is forecast to be delayed by months. Countless acres of land prevents farmers from growing rice this year . If it was even possible , it would be considered as a poor harvest . While only some parts of Cambodia is hit with drought each year , this year , the whole of Cambodia is affected by drought. The typical rainy season is said to come at May , however this year , it is expected to be in July . Thus , combined with last year’s poor wet season , farmer are in a terrible situation. ( Source:

Not just humans who are affected . Fishes and animals are also victims to drought. ”Low water supplies have exacerbated poverty in many rural areas, where farmers depend on rivers and ponds for irrigation.About 65 tons of fish in Tonle Chhmar lake died last month because of decreasing water levels:”  ChESYeAVEAAvRiR.jpg

Animals like cattle , bats and monkey died to shortage of water . A tourist elephant in particular , died of heat stroke during a performance for a tourist attraction.”Because of this incident, some Internet users launched a petition urging the authorities to end elephant rides, which are still popular among tourists.”

(source :

The government is helping by distributing water to rural villages and such. Prime Minister Hun Sen last month instructed the country to band together. “Do not leave any people at risk of their lives because of this shortage of water,” he said. “This is my absolute order.” (source : )

I think that we can also play our part in helping those who are in need by method such as donating and not wasting any resources that we take for granted . From this article , i have learnt that i should be concerned and know that there are people who are in need of help , and i can start by helping people around me.


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