#Weekly Reflection 2

Q ) Some of us like complaining about our parents. But would we prefer it if we were left to our own devices? Why or why not?

A) The reason why we complain about our parents is because we do not like what some of our parents do us . As teenagers , we can get rebellious and do things that are unfitting of what we should act . For example , we tend to go out with friends and come home late , worrying our parents. In that case , we need the guidance of our parents to ensure that we stay on the right path and do the right things . This results in parents setting up a curfew for us and naturally we would start complaining . In midst of argument with our parents , we would often say things such as  ‘ leave me alone , i do not need you to care about me’ .

But would we really prefer it if we were left to our own devices ? I think the answer would be no . Despite complaining about parents , we would still want them to care for us . We would still need their guidance to becoming a better person in the future . Although not every thing they say is true or right , we should understand that the reason why they said something in the first place is because they care for us . Our parents can provide us needs such as food and shelter since we are still young and incapable of working . Our parents plays a role of support in our lives . When we face difficulties , we can rely on our parents for help , or simply share our problems with them .

To conclude , i think that even though we do have complain about our parents , we would still need our parents for support and guidance .


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