#Weekly Reflection 1

Q ) What adjustments can I make in my daily life to be a better local, regional or global citizen?

A ) I think one adjustment that i can make is the change of my attitude . I can be more friendly towards people around me to start off , so that whenever i meet new people in life ,  i can have a positive attitude to get to know them . For example , i should refrain myself from saying negative and harsh words to other.

Secondly , i think that i can help people who are in need. Acts such as donation and volunteering can make a huge impact on the society . Even if we donate pocket changes , the amount can be huge when pooled together. Giving and helping other can makes us happy too . It gives us a sense of satisfaction when we do a good deed.

Lastly , i think that i can be more open-minded to ideas , people and try out new things . This way , i don’t only learn from others , i can also avoid unnecessary conflict . This ensures a conflict-free environment around me .


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